C7 5 ACC Retrofit?

Significantly upgrade your AUDI A6 4F with the original adaptive cruise control system. We can also add the auto dimming glass for total night time driving comfort to avoid any light glare from cars following behind. We also provide genuine Audi navigation activations & MIB upgrades for cars that left the factory without the navigation function enabled. Ash was great, he drove up the very next day to upgrade the parking system and lights on my Audi R8. He did a brilliant job and it was good fun talking to a fellow car fan! They managed to rectify my problems on the S3 when I retro-fitted the FBMFSW.

Acc is an essential safety feature which is connected to all safety systems in the vehicle to assure the correct operation. Generally, retrofitting the original radar based cruise control system is possible in all AUDI A6 4F models. We also offer the Genuine Audi logo puddle lights and we can brighten up your cars interior with an LED interior light pack installation. We can upgrade the basic interior lighting to multicoloured ambient lights for cars that missed the option from factory. Improve the visibility on the road with genuine Xenon / LED headlights. We also offer dynamic LED tail lights for a modern finish to the rear and dynamic LED mirror indicators.

Is possible to retrofit it without that camera? Never hit a wall while reversing with our genuine Audi reversing camera retrofit. Installed to the highest standard for a factory finish installation. Specific set of cables for ACC (adaptive cruise control / automatic radar speed control system). Adapter to retrofit from halogen to facelift LED taillights at the Audi A4 B8 8K avant pre facelift.

Live in SoCal and the one thing I did’t think I would miss from my last car is Audi A6 C7 Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit. Has anyone attempted to retrofit this to an A6? Seems like the parts are out there used, Dash Cluster and CC stalk being the hard parts to locate. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Really great job, did it at home on the driveway Give them a call. The delivered hardware partly comes from test vehicles and went through a comprehensive functional test. The braking guard is able to warn about imminent collosion and automatically start braking.

We can retrofit the factory cruise control to avoid those speeding cameras. We can also supply and fit the full 360 surround view parking cameras to newer cars that missed that option from the factory build. Adapter to retrofit the facelift LED taillights at the VW Golf 7 variant pre facelift. Adapter to retrofit from LED to facelift LED taillights at the Audi A4 B8 8K sedan pre facelift. We offer genuine Audi front and rear parking sensors with on screen display to make sure you don’t scratch the car while parking.

Here we provide you with the pre-assembled cable set for retrofitting the automatically radar controlled cruise control system. Is possible to retrofit ACC or distance regulation with radars only? I have cruise control, but I haven’t camera on windscreen.

Have you dreamt about being able to set Cruise Control and being able to forget it? Radar Cruise Control is the best solution for this. The radars are one of the essential parts with the wiring to be able to perform the ACC Retrofit. Other parts you may require are ABS pump, instrument cluster, windscreeen and windscreen camera as well as can gateway. Euro Car Upgrades recommends professional installaiton at a Retrofit Specialist.

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