Hire Mobile Security Patrols

Random police patrols are often not frequent enough and neighborhood watch committees have neither the training nor experience to effectively deal with potential security threats in the same way as our residential security patrols. As a result, our commercial and residential security patrol clients look forward to a safer and more secure working or living environment thanks to our mobile security patrols. Should you feel the need for a 24-hour security guard presence at your home or business, during renovations, or during increased targeted threats against you or your business?

mobile security patrols London by TMS Protection Ltd, the Mobile Security Patrols provided by our SIA Licensed team keep your business protected 24hrs a day Seven Days a Week. Mobile security patrols are an effective security solution TMS Protection Ltd Provides mobile security patrols across Kent. We are also proud to use a fleet of vehicles that have low-emission engines in our mobile patrols. This is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability in our business practices, and also allows us to offer mobile security patrols in London’s low-emission zones. Mobile security patrols differ from the engagement of a residential security team insofar as they mostly operate outside of the property.

It’s a cost-effective choice, particularly for large-scale projects and where only periodic checks are required. Accompanied visits – We can meet your staff at unmanned sites and accompany them to reduce risk. Training for the officers to ensure they are ready for any given task and can demonstrate professional behavior on-site. All our guards are covered by liability insurance worth over £10m, protecting you from unexpected costs. Our Keyholding and Alarm response teams can give you the round-the-clock peace of mind.

At Churchill Support Services, we know that visibility is vital, so trust us to provide fully uniformed mobile security guards and marked patrol vehicles, as well as highly visible boards at the entrance and exit points if wanted. Mobile security patrols provide an efficient 24-hour physical security solution that provides one of the most effective forms of property protection. The presence of a mobile security patrol outside your property or parked on your street gives round-the-clock security protection to your home. As one of the leading security providers in the North West, we are famous for our mobile patrols.

Our uniformed mobile patrol teams use vehicles with prominent amber-colored beacon lights and bold company logos and lettering to ensure high visibility to any potential trespassers, day or night. The mobile security patrol setup is complemented by foot patrols in London and across the UK, providing an extra deterrent and enhanced vigilance. 1st Class Protection provides a wide range of mobile security patrols for businesses and homeowners. Our mobile patrols offer complete protection for manufacturing zones, gated communities and neighborhoods, commercial complexes, construction sites, and many other large clusters of properties.

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