If you are marketing to small businesses or starting a new business in Missouri

f you are marketing to small businesses or starting a new business in Montana, this would be useful information, wouldn’t it? Of those 461,259 small businesses in Missouri, 131,405 have employees. The remaining 329,854 are Missouri small businesses that have no employees. If you are marketing to Missouri Small Businesses Near Me or starting a new business in Missouri, this would be useful information, wouldn’t it? To provide leadership and service to promote economic growth and industrial development to the greater Poplar Bluff area.

The St. Charles Economic Development professionals work with industries looking to expand and/or relocate and also serve startup companies. Along with our partners, our Economic Development team provides the most comprehensive assistance to help any business. Through our network of contacts, we are able to leverage resources to assist companies invest to add value and employees.

The bad news is that you’re competing for that money and those sources may be reluctant to finance unprepared, new businesses. A thorough business plan that details the startup costs and demonstrates your ability to recoup those costs can be critical to getting financing. Aspiring entrepreneurs can perform analysis about the viability of the business they would like to open.

Once the principals of a business select a statutory entity and secure their identification numbers, they must register their “fictitious name” or names. A fictitious name is any name under which a person or company is doing business other than their true or corporate name. For instance, John Doe and Jane Smith may be the shareholders of Doe and Smith Ventures Inc., but operate a shop called John and Jane’s Coffee Shop. Doe and Smith Ventures Inc. must register the fictitious name under which it is doing business, John and Jane’s Coffee Shop. Some of those activities include bringing or defending a lawsuit, maintaining bank accounts, borrowing money or taking a mortgage, or collecting debts. The exceptions also include conducting an isolated transaction completed within 30 days which will not be repeated in a similar nature.

Above all, be mindful that the best way you can serve your community in this pandemic if you’re feeling sick is to stay at home and avoid contact with others. However, we encourage Missourians to safely patronize local businesses and the workers they employ — here are some ideas. The Business Services Division of the Secretary of State’s office is committed to helping small business owners cut red tape and streamline processes with our office.

To avoid the double-taxation dilemma of corporations, while also enjoying the liability shield of the same, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and special-election small corporations were invented. This registration gives all of the partners in the limited partnership, including the general partners, protection from personal liability for the debts, obligations or liabilities of the partnership. Without one of these statutory entities, the owners of a business venture assume all the liabilities of the venture and are responsible for the liabilities and actions of the employees acting for the business. This includes exposure of the owners’ personal assets and property such as their homes, holdings and possessions.

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