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New York City: The Giant Apple? Not exactly. Not exactly. Apple AAPL news I ‘m thinking about. On Thursday night, Apple, the world’s largest consumer electronics corporation, announced the company’s fourth quarter earnings. In reaction, the stock sold off. For deciding to write this post, I’m basically booted. Why does this happen? Due to the lack of the stock in an already poor group, I am keen to add my long position and I cannot buy the shares and write a good name post. It needs to be reverse in order to keep my hands squeaky clean. That’s how it is. We’re going to rock.

You haven’t seen Miss the iPhone? Oh, of course. Have you not seen the very nasty decline in China ‘s revenues? You bet I’ve done it. Hey Sarge … Hey Sarge … They haven’t even given instructions. I mean, isn’t the right configuration? I’m trying to clarify my process of reasoning. I’m trying to explain everything. Take a pen and pad. Get this cup of additional coffee and collect it. We have a couple ‘splans’

The fourth article

In the fourth quarter of the company’s fiscal year, Apple posted $0.73 EPS, three cents on the streets, with sales of $64.69 billion. The sales print was fantastic for 1% growth and comfortably outperformed consensus. Now, we know the iPhone sales have already failed. But isn’t it meaningful? Until a massively successful introduction of iPhones 12’s (four types) with a 5 G next-generation capability. I assume it does. I hope it does. Outside of the iPhone line, all other product lines of the company widened rapidly (25% in total) and expected well. The iPad, Mac, Home Accessories and Wearables are chatting. Both of them beat.days after its division and took a checked correction of the EMA for 50 days until September and the beginning of October. On Monday, the stock rose, with speculators revealing themselves before the case.

Apple view

For me, AAPL news the actual storey is also in programmes. This is where the margin is, for which long-term goods are also fine. To retain the installed base and then sell it all. AppleCare, Apple Audio, Apple TV+, and app store cloud services. That’s the deal … Services added $14,549 billion to the whole quarter with a total of $64.69 billion. You don’t say that cool. I tell that: the community has shattered hopes and keeps rising. In reality, the higher margin unit still contributes 39.4 percent of gross profits with Services accounting for 22 percent of revenue. For more information like releases, you can check at

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