Reasons for Renting a Locally-Owned Dumpster Rental Company

You need to find an excellent company to take your business’ waste away. It is essential for the health of your employees and customers and the cleanliness of your building or work site. It’s also a highly regulated service: many businesses, no matter how big or small, are required to have a waste management plan in place. So what kind of company should you choose?

This answer will vary depending on where you are located and your needs. Still, customers prefer one kind of company above all else: a local dumpster company. When you work with a local provider, you get access to a wide range of benefits that many more giant corporations don’t have. Interested in learning more about these advantages? Keep reading!

Personable and Reliable

One of the most common problems people have when working with a large-scale service provider is that they don’t get to talk to representatives. Often, you will call about a problem and be on hold for hours. You will also be passed off from one person to the next and have to explain your situation again. It won’t happen when you work with a locally-owned waste removal service like Precision Disposal, and this won’t happen. The staff and culture of prioritizing customer satisfaction mean that they will always care for you.

It is a special relationship where you get answers quickly. Unlike a larger corporation, a local waste management service will have time for their drivers to take photos of their stops. When you work with a family-owned dumpster rental in port ST Lucie and find that we didn’t pick up your trash, you can easily talk to them about the issue. The trash collectors will look at the notes they have about your stop and will be able to tell you why we didn’t collect your trash.

Suppose there are any problems with your service. In that case, the drivers who go on your route will take pictures of the problem and upload them to the waste management company’s online system. We will notify you of any issues immediately. If you need an extra pickup service, you can schedule it after you have cleared the space around your dumpster. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional fee for this extra pickup because the issue was already present when Precision Disposal arrived.

Affordable Services

When you work with a local waste management service, they can be more flexible with what they offer. They also want to make sure that their customers are happy. That’s why Precision Disposal provides service plans that can be tailored to fit each customer’s needs and budget. Plus, there are added services available as well. Suppose you have any concerns, like why your dumpster smells or how to prevent rodents and pests. In that case, your local waste management service provider can help. They can also advise how to avoid illegal dumping from non-business affiliates on your property.

Even though there are bigger waste removal services, local services will have all the tools you need. It includes commercial waste solutions like dumpster rentals. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered no matter your needs. Precision Disposal will consult with you on the best service plan and dumpster type for your business before any work starts.

High-Quality Service and Highly Maintained Equipment

We invest in our company so that our customers get the best service. This includes having well-maintained fleets and quality dumpsters. Our newer truck fleet is professionally washed every week. We ensure our vehicles are always in good condition and safe to drive, with less hydraulic fluid leakage than the average waste hauler.

Precision Disposal is a company that you can trust. In addition to providing quality service and treating customers like family, we also prioritize safety in our business model. For example, we have cameras in our trucks, and our drivers take pictures of their work at each stop. This ensures that you never have to worry about us cutting corners or lying to you about fulfilling a service. You can always expect honest work with Precision Disposal.

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