Same Day Rubbish Clearance & Removal

In practise, if you have the time and a car, it’s perfect for smaller items that you can fit in your boot. However, for larger furniture, major DIY waste, and bulky garden refuse another disposal option may be required. In additon, almost every council offers a low cost bulky item collection service to householders. Typically the service just covers Clean Junk (ie. non-DIY / builder style waste). Here is our guide to everything you ever wanted to know on disposing of waste.

When a person lifts the waste and carries it to a vehicle, it is often called ‘handballing’. Rubbish Clearance by machine is when a grab lorry scoops up the waste and puts it in the back. Grabbers are generally only used for jobs with large amounts of loose earth and rubble. A digger that scoops and carries the loose waste into a container or nearby lorry offers a similar solution. For smaller jobs, it’s more normal for people to use wheelbarrows.

On arrival, we’ll assess the waste and provide you with a quote for the clearance before we start work. Take some photos of your rubbish, choose pickup time and publish. In fact, more or less anything with electronics inside can come under the WEEE regulations. Luckily for our customers, our members are expert in assessing scrap items under the scheme, and can be trusted to handle them both legally and ethically.

This type of waste also soaks into objects like soil and groundwater. This in turn carries over to pollute the plants, the animals in the ecosystem, as well as the humans within the area of the pollution. Resource recovery is the systematic diversion of waste, which was intended for disposal, for a specific next use. It is the processing of recyclables to extract or recover materials and resources, or convert to energy. Resource recovery is not only environmentally important, but it is also cost-effective.

This gives our valued customers the peace of mind knowing that their rubbish will be removed and disposed of by waste collectors that are legally compliant and qualified. Man & van rubbish clearance is generally defined as the loading and removal of bulky waste from a property by a man & van crew. The service covers collection of waste from anywhere on the property, loading it into a truck, sweeping up any loose material, and delivering the waste to a licensed disposal facility. Rates are based on the volume of waste removed and cover the labour, transport and disposal fees. Man & van rubbish clearance should not be confused with the ‘wait & load’ service offered by skip companies which does not include any labour.

Private waste companies, although likely to cost more than the council, take the full range of bulky waste and, unlike council crews, their teams will collect from anywhere on the property . Plus they will be available at much shorter notice and offer narrow arrival times, so you don’t need to wait around all day. Prices of one man bands may be cheaper than larger, professional organisations. But if you do opt for a one-man band always check they have a waste carrier license and their insurance covers them for waste removal.

Alternatively there are some other solutions such as separating your waste into the correct recycling streams. This will reduce the amount of waste ending up in the wheelie bin. Longer temr you could also request a larger or extra wheelie bin from your council.

From there, the calculator will add up the waste and produce a cubic yard and weight figure for you to use. It will even recommend the best service to clear your rubbish too. We can easily clear your rubbish on the very same day, or a day of your choice. We divert over 95% of the rubbish we collect away from landfill and offset the CO₂ from our vehicles by over 150%.

You can see images of different sizes of sizes with prices in our Booking funnel. The service and price includes clearing the waste from anywhere on the property and loading it onto the van. If you need this extra service, be prepared to pay more for their time and effort.

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