The 10 Best Swaddles to Help Baby Sleep

“Removing our daughter from the swaddle wasn’t a very gentle experience, given the strong pulling noise and action required to undo it,” our tester said. Additionally, they felt the swaddle was almost too tight at times. While 100% cotton material is soft, it could have been softer, and the fabric’s quality started to lose its integrity after a few washes. Still, the receiving blankets come in several pattern and color themes, like mint green or dinosaurs, and are a solid budget choice, especially since no one really needs these to last very long anyway.

If you don’t want to have to perfect a traditional swaddle wrap, save yourself time with this swaddle alternative. The design works like a swaddle by keeping babies snug, but it features a full-length zipper to slip it on and off, getting quick access for diaper changes. Because you don’t have to do anything with the baby’s arms, we found it made quick work of swaddling a baby. Plus, the two-way zippers have covers to protect delicate skin from being scratched.

Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store, as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. And if you just can’t make it work but love Aden + Anais, know they now offer a cotton Wrap Swaddle and Snug Swaddle.

This three-month period refers to the baby’s first 90 days of life. Even though they’re out of the womb, they’re brand-new to this world and still getting accustomed to it. During this time, parents are encouraged to create a womb-like environment for their little one whenever possible. Their versatility and cuteness make these one of our best swaddle blankets! The Love to Dream Swaddle UP is unique in its design because it allows you to securely and easily swaddle your young baby with their arms bent and hands up by their face.

The Miracle Blanket Swaddler has no velcro or zippers, just one long piece of fabric that you wrap continually over the baby’s body. It also has two pieces of fabric on the inside to secure the baby’s arms to her side. When I had my second a couple of months ago, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. With my first, I used basic muslin swaddles that I wrapped myself. This time I was going to bring in the big guns— swaddles with velcro, zippers and made of steel!

Jordan also recommends finding swaddles that wrap securely around baby’s arms but allow the legs and hips to move freely, to avoid the risk of hip dysplasia. You can usually check for hip-friendliness in the product details. Just thought I’d add that all babies are different and for some, tight swaddles just don’t work.

This 3-pack set of pretty pastel Cloud Island Floral Muslin Swaddle Blankets is a perfect complement to the nursery and a wonderful way to snuggly wrap your sweet little lady. Made with breathable cotton muslin that gets softer with wear, the swaddles can also be used as a stroller cover, receiving blanket or nursing cover. “”Many parents find traditional swaddling complicated and frustrating, so I designed a swaddle called Sleepea,”” says Dr. Karp. “Sleepea makes it super easy, that’s what it’s called a 5-second swaddle!

They help prevent the baby from getting startled and engulf them in a womb-like feel. XMwealthy soft swaddle blanket is made of premium-quality polyester material, which is light and tender on the delicate skin of babies, and is available in six cute colors. It is suitable for children up to six months old and has a windproof cap design, making it ideal for outdoors and travel.

But the cozy cotton fabric, which has just enough stretch to allow for a bit of movement, still helps control the startle reflex to minimize wake-ups. The Ollie Swaddle was the most expensive (by at least $20) of all the swaddles we tested. With a unique shape (it’s smaller than most swaddles) and interesting design features , results for this model were mixed. Our testers also didn’t like the banded pouch feature, which is designed to allow the swaddle to grow with the baby and to facilitate easier diaper changes.

A two-way zipper makes late-night diaper changes a breeze, while the zipper covers at the top and bottom prevent the fasteners from irritating or scratching skin. Comfy, easy to use, and durable, the HALO Micro-Fleece Sleepsack Baby Swaddle earned the highest ratings out of all the swaddles we tested. It looks like a sleep sack but works like a swaddle with two large Velcro wings that allow babies to sleep with their hips free and arms in against the body, out, or hand-to-face.

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