The Importance of a Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is any kind of protective headgear worn for the protection of the head. More specifically, a helmet protects the skull from injury during an accident. Helmets may be ceremonial or military helmets, depending on their role. Decorative or practical helmets without additional protective function can be worn by anyone.

A face shield, also known as a visor, is any transparent covering that goes over the entire helmet. Helmets may have either a solid visor or a visor with an open face. The solid visor is more traditional and has a chin bar attached to the top. The open face visor often has a removable lining which allows it to be used as a beret, baseball cap, or motorcycle helmet. Some cyclists use visors as a sun shade, while others use it to help deflect flying debris and wind.

A full face helmet, also called a beanie helmet, is a more serious style of helmet that covers the entire head. It is similar to a ski helmet in that it protects the ears and neck. Some full face helmets do have some padding along the sides of the helmet to soften impact on the rider’s head if a fall were to occur. Full face helmets are usually reserved for experienced rider classes and they are very protective and durable. Also the most sophisticated camera system is available in helmet.

Modular helmets, which are interchangeable accessories for the full face helmet, are designed to be as light as possible. The chin bar can be moved up or down to provide protection to the top of the head or can be replaced with a removable chin bar cover. Some of the newer modular helmets have a movable hair cut. These helmets also have added features such as interchangeable ear pads and brow pads.

Helmets provide protection for motorcycle riders who wear helmets during their off hours as well. Motorcycle accidents involving cars and motorcycles are one of the leading causes of head injuries and fatalities each year. Wearing a helmet can help prevent serious head injuries from occurring.

Helmets are made in a variety of sizes and shapes and the inner liner should be chosen based upon a riders personal preference. Some riders like a snug fit and some prefer a loose fit in their helmet. There are many different styles of motorcycle helmets including racing helmets, dirt bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmets. Helmets can be bought at your local bike shop or bike accessory store or they can be ordered online.

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