Wish to achieve positive results on my skin

You can also apply an emollient to soften your skin to help avoid irritation. To make the treatment comfortable dermatologist can use a topical local anaesthetic. Skin needling can be used to improve the above skin conditions with less risk of skin pigment changes, especially with darker skin types that commonly occur with laser treatment. The down time of the treatment is minimal, and patient can return to routine soon after the procedure.

Kearney adds that in-office microneedling with one-time use needles causes more “ideal” micro-injuries that are perpendicular to the skin’s surface. If using a serum with your derma roller, apply the product to your face before getting down to business. This includes those with eczema, psoriasis, or a history of blood clots. At first, keeping up with the routine and taking out time to use a derma needle consistently was a struggle but I held on to my wish to achieve positive results on my skin.

FYI, the serum is meant to be applied pre-rolling, which is different than in some other systems. For the best results (and this goes for any derma-roller), roll it horizontally, vertically, then diagonally across each section of your face, doing eight to 10 passes each time. Repeat two to three times per week, making sure to clean the head with rubbing alcohol after each use.

You will also need to take a prescribed topical or oral antibiotic to keep bacteria away. If you suffer from any other serious health conditions, you might be at an increased risk of infection. Getting it done by a professional will be safer and have fewer risks. Also, derma rollers sold online do not offer the same depth as the ones used at clinics.

But do remember to consult your dermatologist and seek help for conditions which go deeper into the skin. A derma roller treatment basically entails the needle-covered device which is gently rolled on your skin so that it can cover all the areas of the skin. It is a cosmetic procedure which is less invasive and has hardly any downtime. When the needles gently penetrate your skin, it stimulates the flow of blood and acts as an exfoliator.

Once done with the cleansing part, I started gliding the derma roller on my face starting from my forehead to cheeks and proceeding to chin and nose. No, do not use a derma roller on wet hair as it might cause infections. It is advisable to wash your scalp with a gentle shampoo after derma rolling. A curved handle will help you keep a better grip while using the derma roller. It will also aid you in applying the right amount of pressure while using the derma roller. Use 1% Redensyl Hair Oil that helps stop hair fall by nourishing the scalp with protein and antioxidants to speed up hair growth.

Step-by-step instructions for at-home microneedling to help change your skin for brighter, smoother, and thicker results. While the technique deserves further exploration, it’s worth a DIY try if you’re looking to boost your skin care regimen. Don’t let anyone else use your roller and replace it at least once every 3 months to prevent irritation from dull needles.

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